Messages from 2000 here?

  I been blogging since 1982!  That is hard for many of you to believe.
I watch the YouTube videos of Eli The Computer Guy.  He does a YouTube video each day that runs for two hours!  The other day he mentioned that Philip DeFranco said that he was going to start doing live streaming videos on YouTube.  Eli laughed at Philip and said that he, Eli, was doing live streaming back in 2011.
Well that got me laughing at Eli.  I was doing live streaming video many many years before that.  I found some blog posts that I made back in 2000 when I was live streaming video 24/7.  I imported them to this blog.  Just a little bit of proof.
Of course the importing of content from some other site often does not go well. So you will notice some of the post missing titles and there will be links that do not work etc.
But just wanted to make a little statement.

Those blog posts are when I was in Orlando FL and are from my LiveJournal posting days.  I took a job with a contract guard company.  Never a good idea.  I did contract guard work back in the 1970s as a extra part-time job.  That was when I was working hospital security full time (“in house security”).
When I went to the contract guard company they just about shit their pants.  They had just got the contract for a hospital.  So they wanted me to be in charge.  I did not want to do it..but I ended up taking on the job.  What a fucking mess… The hospital was a fucking mess.  I never say such a fucking mess of a hospital.  Well when they end up making a movie about your hospital .. You know it is bad ..  The hospital had used I do not know how many different contract guard companies.
So a hospital that was good at criminal fraud of the government was not good at picking a contract guard company.  They had problems with all of the contact guard agencies that they used.  Then I was expect to fix things.  No way could it be fixed.
The hospital did not even allow security inside the hospital.  We could go in and have lunch and take a bathroom call but the rest of the time we had to stay in the parking lot until they needed us.  Of course when they needed us… We did not even know the layout of the hospital.  It was a fucking mess.  I should not have taken that job.
I had worked hospital, in house, security in Kansas City for 31 years.  We were part of the hospital staff .. I wish I had never worked that fucking hospital in FL.  Not only did they steal from tax payers … well just let me say …the made for TV movie was not even about that … I tried to offer the hospital some advice a few times and they looked at me like I was fucking crazy.  A guard telling them that they had problems.

I wish I could forget those few months.. I told the guard company that I did not want to work that contract any longer.  The company begged me to stay … I told them no..  I used as an excuse that I had moved.  I did move ..but I still come have driven to the hospital .. But I wanted away from that place.

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