Do wireless steaming video?

Not sure how much the video has been online…When I am not at home Worf turns off the video feeds so he can get more bandwidth for him to surf the Internet….I am going to be thinking about doing things different…Not sure yet…Maybe going 100% wireless. Will think about it…so would not be using the phone line here and would be sending video from where ever I am.. can not send video from the hospital of course..maybe a view of the lake or view from the car of the street or something..Not sure…Any ideas will be welcome….I got a call from the security company that I work for..they got a call from the hospital…saying that the ID card I use to log in and out with.. did not show that I had used it to time in and out..Of course I did..Guess I will have to check when I get to work today. I work today at 3 pm and work until 11 pm….I have not done much on the web site for the last few days…when you work a 12 hour shift you don’t have much time for anything else..Today…I work 3 pm to 11 pm. I will not have to pick up Jimmy. I took Jimmy to work but Worf will pick him up….Note: The Worf I refer to is the guy we live here with and share expensives on this place. His name is Jim also…So to cut down on confusion I use Worf.

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